Adri Monster (zadriana) wrote in takemedrunk,
Adri Monster

New Member raves about Shiner

This is probably old news, but as a Shiner Fan, I must post.
When Shiner Light came out, my two drinking partners and I were a bit let down.
How could the citizens of Shiner, Texas bring another light beer into existance whild compromising the name of Shiner, whose beer I trust implicitely.

Thank God, it was good. Not only was it good, but it stuck to it's guns, and didn't let anyone down.

I heartily approve of Shiner. And as such, I will now proceed to drink some.

My regular bar, a place called Valhalla in Houston, has $.85 12oz of Shiner on tap. Which isn't bad. They also have Lone Star and St. Arnolds.

You'll find me there every Tuesday night.

So here's to beer.
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