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I just started drinking again after a 14week stoppage because of school, got way to drunk to much last spring so i had to take a break this fall to bring the old GPA back up..but i'm back on the wagon and lovin it, well i was for 2 days till i got my wisdom teeth pulled, but this weekend i will be back and hittin it hard...

just thought i'd tell you about the best weekday special i have ever seen: In Sheboygan Falls Wi, there is the bar called The Ostedler, and on Wednesday night they have a 9$ all you can drink taps special. The great thing about their taps is that they don't have any domestics on tap.. Newcastle, Guinness, Harp, Bass, in season Leine's, Goose Island, Blue Moon, just to name a few...Needless to say during the summer me and my work buddies went there every wednesday night and spent our 9 bucks and drank a shit load of beer, and then we came walked home, about a 10 min walk to kohler where i am from..and Tore down "Welcome to KOHLER" signs that we then had to spend 3 hrs the next day replacing because that was our job...Great times, and out bosses never figured it out...But anyways, if you are ever in eastern WI and want to get a great deal let me know and we will got get fucked up on the best beers in the land for 9 dollars.
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