Mr. Roboto (holyguacamole) wrote in takemedrunk,
Mr. Roboto

Drunken n00b..

Hi there. I'm Tommy. I'm 21. I live right outside of Montgomery, AL (saddening, yes..) and I'm faithfully bonded with my life-partner, Newcastle Brown Ale. Never thought I would find a community on LJ to post about drunken escapades, but here it is, and I am impressed. Glory be to those who've made this possible.

Now, with that out of the way.. drunken glory story!

Went with a few of my friends to this pool hall we always hang out at in Montgomery called The Breakroom.. where they serve Newcastle on tap. Fucking beautiful, it is. The bartender at this place knows me by name and always knows what I'm up there for. Also fucking beautiful. So anyway.. to make a long story short, I ended up drinking the equivilant to 3 pitchers (give or take a 10 oz. mug), getting really pissed off for some reason (I'm by no means an angry drunk.. I can't even remember why I got pissed), and tried to walk home (around a 2 hour walk from where I was) in 30 degree weather. My friend ended up talking me into coming back inside, so I passed out in a pool of beer on the table-type deal they have set up in the middle of the place until it was time to leave. Ended up sobering up sitting on the computer somewhere around 5 this morning and I've been here ever since. I'd rather be drinking..
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