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what a long strange trip it's been....

To comment on that phrase I just typed, I take a line from good ol' That 70's Show:

"Kelso, every lameo hippie in the history of time has used that quote."


If you don't already know, I started working at UPS last Monday. I seriously really like it there. The people are awesome- they're pretty much all partiers. I kinda like this time of my life because of the fact that wherever I go, whether it be work or school- there are pretty much NO cliques. And that rocks. All these people are basically grunge-y stoner types, which is all great with me. I think I am the youngest of all the people in that general vacinity- everyone else is about 20 or older. I was supposed to be a primary sorter, which is a really difficult job, but last week I got switched to PSC, which is basically taping up damaged packages and making new address labels for ones that are not made correctly. It's pretty simple, for the most part.

Some of the people were planning to go to a haunted house that night after work, then go drink at this guy Tony's house. They were all cool and asked me if I wanted to go, and I said sure (since by then they knew I party, from our previous conversations outside on cigarette breaks). I told them I didn't have any money (I don't get paid until this coming Friday), but then Tony was like, "Just come with us anyway."

After work ended, I was walking with Brandee (she's the girl that helped me out getting started and everything), and..... argh, I forgot the other guy's name already! But he works in PSC with us. It was his birthday, and he was turning 21 that day. So most of the "festivities" that went on this weekend were in honor of him. He kinda looks like Jesus: he has reddish brown longish hair that he wears in a ponytail, an acutal beard, and hes tall and big and wears glasses. Does not look 21 at all- way older. I was going to leave my car at UPS until we got back, and Brandee was like, "I'll take my car, and you can go with (insert guy's name here), if you wanna smoke a bowl." (Brandee doesn't really smoke weed much, she'd stated earlier.) I was like, "All right."

It was a pretty long drive to Tony's house. "Jesus" (I'm just going to call him that until I remember his name) and I smoked a bowl and made small talk on the way there. I realised that when I'm in a car and high, looking out the window, I always think the scenery is sooooo beautiful, especially driving down roads near forest preserves. That's what I remember most about the drive there. When we got nearer to Tony's house, "Jesus" stopped at White Hen Pantry. "I need to get some cigarettes," he said. "Do you want a pack?" I said, "I don't have any money," and he's like, "Don't worry about it- what brand do you smoke?" I said, "Marlboro Lights.... I don't know when I'll be able to pay you back though." And he said, "It's alright, just say you owe me a pack of cigarettes." I was like, "Alright, thanks." Somehow I thought it was really awesome that he was just going to straight up buy me a pack of cigarettes, when I'd just met all of them.

We got to Tony's, and Tony was already there. I think someone else was there too, but I don't rememeber. We were going to smoke another bowl, but we'd already decided that we were good to go, and it would be pretty pointless to hit some more if we were going to be drinking and all. People started coming in, mainly by twos. Brandee made it, and it turns out she brought Brian, the supervisor that taught the training class I was in! I was thinking, "Whhhaaat the fuck..." This guy's like 21, like this skinny, preppy type guy, and I thought he was the uptight type that didn't party or anything.... next thing I know I'm at a fuckin party with him there! I guess you'd have to know him. It totally blew my mind.

I'm going to bullet the key things that went on that night after that, since I only remember bits and pieces (most likely not in order):

* we never ended up going to the haunted house- me, Brian, and Brandee went there in Brandee's car, all to find that it was not open for the night (even though the sign said it was).

* we came back and continued drinking, except for Brandee.

* Tony has awesome taste in music- at one point he put in the Beavis and Butthead Experience- the one that has one of the BEST FUCKING SONGS IN THE WORLD- Nirvana's "I hate Myself and Want to Die"!! I was like, "HELL YEAH," drinking some more and singing along to it... it was bliss.

* At one point Tony grabbed a spatula from somewhere and began "pretending to flip imaginary burgers"- really corny and eggagerated-like- in time to one of the songs off of the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah Nirvana album (I think it was #3). It was damn hilarious.

* this one kid there showed up (his last name was Maricio, and I don't know his first name), and he was SOOOO adorable. He looked kinda like a cross between John Cusak and Jesse Bradford. He was with this one girl who he said was his friend, but I didn't really talk to him that much cause I wasn't sure if they were going out (I don't think they were though). Plus, he didn't seem like he was drinking to get drunk (I think he had only a couple of beers)- I don't know, maybe he was just a quiet drunk. All I know is, I knew that I would probably make an ass of myself if I said too much to him at that point my drunken/highness, so I didn't really say much to him. I think I just gave him a few quick glances and smiles throughout the night, tho.

* I remember saying something about pate (duck spread that the French use), to the girl Maricio was with, but I don't remember how that came up.

* We all walked to White Hen Pantry (I'd say there was about.... 8 or 9 of us altogether, cause Tony needed to get a pack of cigs. I don't remember any of the conversations that went on- I just remember the guys walking out with 2 pizzas, and almost everyone brought some kind of food. I don't even remember where this came up, but Maricio was saying joking around saying something like, "I'm 15!" and I said, like a dumbass, "Are you really?", in this ditzy voice And I don't even think he answered me, him and somebody else just laughed. But it was all good. We all waited for Tony to get out of the store, and "Jesus" began fiddling around with the bottom of the gigantor White Hen Pantry sign on the side of the road, and he'd discovered the switch to turn it on and off! We all got a kick of that. Tony finally came out of the store, and started to walk towards where we were standing, and then he shouted, "SHIT, I FORGOT TO GET CIGARETTES!" and ran back inside to buy them. We were all laughing so hard- it was the whole reason we walked up there in the first place!

I dont really remember any other key points from that night, but it was still fun. I guess it's because I wasn't planning on/expecting to go out that night, and for a long time every day up until then, I'd pretty much been coming home and watching TV and falling asleep. I got home around 3:30am or so.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before- but weed tends to stay effective for me for sometimes up to a day after I smoke it, which can be pretty cool. Saturday was one of those mornings, and it was a damn good morning.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, either, but I happen to have a Satruday morning math class, which in the beginning it was IMPOSSIBLE for me to get up for. But now that I've gone a few times I don't really mind it all that much at all. The instructor is pretty cool, and I also have a motivation to go, since that hot guy I mentioned before is in that class as well. It's weird, but when I wake up baked, I actually WANT to get up. Every day normally, I HATE mornings, and I HATE waking up, and I'll think of the LITTLEST exuses not to show up to class. But when I'm like how I was that morning, I'm all like, "It's all good, no worries." I went to the class, coming in a half an hour late, but not caring, cause people tend to do that anyway sometimes, since the class is three hours and 15 minutes long.

I'd made plans (as I have been doing for quite some time now) to talk to that guy (his name is Patrick, by the way- I'm just saying "that guy" because I'm pretty sure he doesn't know my name and that he knows I know his name)..... and because of the wonderful state I was in, I actually gutsed up and fucking went for it, something I really wouldn't do on just a regular day, as you all know.

During the break, he went outside of the classroom, and sat where a bunch of tables and chairs were, by himself, like he usually does in this class. I just went up to him and said, "You're in my Design class, aren't you?" He said, "Yes I am," and I sat by him (not next to him), and we began talking from there about:

* wanting to leave early
* our Design projects that were due that Monday
* scheduling, and how we wanted to register early next semester so we didn't ger such shitty times, like Saturday morning
* where we worked- it turns out he works ar UPS, too! He said he's an auditor, but I forgot what he said that job does. I haven't seen him there yet- but who knows if I ever will, as UPS is a huuge factory-like building, and I start and get off work later than he does, since I'm in PSC.

It was just a cool experience.

Anyway, this night was the big bash- the bonfire in honor of "Jesus'" birthday. It was grand, man it was grand. I forgot the name of the guy's house it was at, but he was also with us at Tony's the night before.

Here are the key basics of the night:

* I smoked, with a few other people about few couple bowls of weed, but mixed with opium. I'd never had that before that night, but man is it nice. For the rest of the night I just felt so relaxed and mellow- Not one bit anxious or worried or frustrated. They had a keg there too, and Brian and Brandee brought even more beer with them and a little bit of hard liquor. So it's safe to say that I got pretty damn wasted that night, probably more than I've ever been, I dont know. It was good, good times.

* I met this girl Larissa, and I don't know, she was really awesome. I'm going to admit this freely, cause I JUST DON'T KNOW what to make of it, but I think at one point, as I was talking to her througout the night, I found myself attracted to her, you know, that kind of attracted. I know it sounds weird, but I don't really know what it was. She was just a really awesome person and she was really pretty. That's all I have to say about that for now.

* Christine, you'd get a kick outta this one: The radio was on, and the song "Hotel California" came on. Someone cranked it up, and all of us that were in the garage just BELTED out the lyrics, we were like, "WELCOME TO THE HO-TEL CAAAAALLIFOOORNIA..... SUCH A LOOOVELY PLAAAACE.....", etc. It was great.

* I kept making the three girls that were with Maricio (he was there again, too) laugh, but I don't remember how.

* People were walking through the fire outside, like stepping in it, and I remember shouting, "How are you guys doing that?!!" It was freaky. They said they were going to walk accross the hot coals later on, but they never did.

* I lost my purse at one point.

* I remember sitting on the lawn at one point listening to a bunch of people talk and run around. (I later found out that this was where I left my purse, not knowing why I brought it out there in the firat place.)

*I smoked another bowl with some of the guys in some guy's car.

Man, just so many fucking things.......

I ended up not coming home that night. I just didn't care.... I was so out of it. I went to sleep in one of the matresses in the basement (there were three), and eventually "Jesus" and Tony came down and went to sleep in the other two during the night. I had no qualms with spending the night, cause I knew that these guys were good guys, and they wouldn't try any shit. Nobody tried hitting on me all night (I guess now would be a good time to state that I was not attracted to any of the guys that were there at all- except for Maricio, and he'd left a long time ago by then), and that was really good- that I didn't have to fight anyone off or worry about any awkwardness.

The people left over were me and 4 other guys "Jesus", Tony, some short little moley-looking guy named Merv (who was also at Tony's the night before), and the guy who's house it was at whose name I forgot. I woke up eventually, very hungover (but the good kind), and I found my purse, since it was light outside. It was a beautiful day.

I would get into A LOT more detail, as I have so much more on my mind, but I really have to get going soon, and this is long enough as it is. So I better start wrapping this up. Basically I went out to an EXCELLENT breakfast "feast" with the guys, and they paid for me, again. "Jesus" gave me a ride home afterward, since Brandee and Brian had already left (they were my ride), and Brandee called him and told him to.

I got home a little after 2pm, and I spent the rest of the
day still very high..... and it was a wonderful feeling. I'm liking that opium. Good stuff.

But I HATED how I felt after my "highness" went away, shortly after I took a shower that night.

There's gonna be more stuff going on this weekend, they said. I totally can't wait. These are some awesome people, and I'm looking forward to having some great times with them.
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